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General Information

 Taxon name:Aspergillus sp. sister of A. cibarius, A. proliferans and A. pseudoglaucus 
 Basis for identification:Molecular (ITS) 
 Identified by:C. Carvalho, Jul. 2017 
Other Collections
 Original strain number:FA1 
Collection Details
 PYCC strain status:Open 
 Mediterranean strain:Yes 
 Remarks:Aspergillus sp. sister of A. cibarius, P. proliferans and P. pseudoglaucus based on complete ITS sequence 
 Substrate of isolation:Honey (rosemary honey) 
 Category of substrate:Food & beverages 
 Country of origin:Portugal 
 Isolated by:C. Carvalho, Jul. 2017 
 Isolation method:Isolated in MY30G (medium with 30% glucose) 
 Deposited by:C. Carvalho, Jul. 2017 
 Preservation:Glass beads; 20% Glycerol; -150ºC 
 History:C. Carvalho > PYCC 
 Price per culture:120